Our society is not classless: we have those born into service, those of technical education who service machines, researchers who shed light, the entertainers, and those who rule. Rule, then, is divided into govenment, media, and wealth.

In order to give the class in government a clear sign of their disutility to the system, the technical class should create technology that automates government. No need for rulers. No need for vast bureaucracies. It can all be automated.


First, review all that a government does: classify, quantify.

Second, model protocols for communication: with government and within government

Third, create a simple service that provides every function a government should: law, education, policy questions, tax, property, and all the forms you’ve ever had to file. All inputs and outputs are expicitly made clear.

Fourt, use the system, show it is better, and point out the ruling class is a minority. Let anyone access it

Fifth, wait. The world of men will take care of itself.