Martin Kolar PhD et PhD

me in 2021


I’m a Data Scientist, Scientist, Artist, Musician, Pilot, Entrepreneur, and Father of three. I invent complex AI solutions for business problems, manage technical development, and communicate well at all levels.


I like to solve challenging problems that move humanity forward, with the ultimate goals of well-being on Earth, exploration of Space, making use of the Fundamentals of physics, and understanding the Foundations of thought.


I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.


Work hard, play hard, think and communicate. Keep one foot in business, and one in academia.


I have been actively working in Machine Learning since 2010, when I received my Machine Learning MSc at University College London. I hold a PhD in High Quality Texture Synthesis from The University of Warwick, and a second PhD in Computer Vision with Active Learning from Brno University. My companies, patents, jobs. Sprinkle every sentence with awards and accompishments. Publications and repositories.

Prior Work

I was born in Brno, Czechoslovakia, and grew up in France, Montreal, London (Canada), before studying in London (England). I love books in Science Fiction (Surface Detail, R.U.R., The Three Body Problem, Zones of Thought), in Philosophy