If there is enough interest, I will create a public lottery for a ticket to Mars.

Anyone will be able to make a donation of any amount, and will receive the following guarantees from the organisation:

  • Once purchase of travel to Mars is possible, the lottery will pay for one person to go
  • The person will be selected randomly out of the pool of participants, with probability proportional to the amount donated
  • The organisation will not spend any donated money on research or proofs-of-concept. It will only pay for a trip to Mars
  • The organisation covers its expenses from a portion of the interest on the donated money
  • Space exploration is strenuous, and the organisation performing the mission will perform physical and psychological tests. If the selected person does not pass them, the lottery is drawn again. This process continues until a candidate is deemed fit
  • It is this organisation’s duty to make its intentions known to all organisations with the possibility of running a manned mission to Mars. The money will be made available only to an organisation which runs the mission
  • To decide on a plan of action in unforseen situations, a referendum will be held with all lottery subscribers, with vote proportional to the donated sum. Only if 75% agree will action be taken
  • Weights and probabilities will be adjusted by year of donation, to account for change in value of the donated amount
  • Donations can also be made with forefited rights, gifted, or bequeathed. A participation’s identity can be public or anonymous
  • Interest on held donations is generated via investments insured for 100% of the held sum

We are not like Mars one123. We are the Mars Lottery, a ticket to Mars with a reutable space agency, such as SpaceX or NASA.

So far, the Mars Lottery has accrued 150$. Fill in this form if you are interested.

Let’s go to Mars

Mars Lottery

What we need to do next is

  1. see if there is interest
  2. create the organisation
  3. spread the information
  4. express interest to all organisation undertaking plans to take people to Mars
  5. generate tens of millions of dollars of donations
  6. wait for it to be possible

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